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Flappy Nerds

When it comes to games development, it makes me ever grateful that I actually went to college to learn the necessary rules to apply to my work.

My name is Magreth (silent ‘H’) I live in a bayside suburb of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland, Australia. I started out in web development  back in 2008 and decided to upgrade my web skills by doing Software Development at MSIT (Mt Gravatt campus). It was during the last few months of Software Development that I really started to appreciate and took a notion to wanting to do game design and development. After graduation I continued to learn all I could about Objective C and Cocos2D Game design. I must have trolled the internet for weeks in search for good information and after finding a couple of good resources I started applying my knowledge and learned how to put together a game.

Not being a gamer of sorts, not having grown up with the tech or time to play with games even when they did arrive made it super hard to think of what I could design to keep people engaged. So, I did the obvious… I would recreate the games that are popular and give them a twist! So, the first of the games I have designed is similar to the popular Flappy Birds game.

Over the past few weeks I returned to building the Flappy Bots game I started earlier in the year… finally after getting the graphics right, the code working the way I want it to then breaking it and rebuilding it several times, then when I got my son to try the game out, he suggested some different backgrounds and scenery which when I put my mind to it really worked out well, it made the game look so much more professional and polished. I think that the game will be enjoyed by people of all ages. Designed not to be too difficult to navigate, simple to play and challenging enough to want to continue.

I am now ready to release it to the Apple appStore; I have realised that no amount of college learning prepared me for this, I think that the preparation of the app’s for the app store is probably more work than the coding and game design itself.

If and when I get through the process of adding the ad’s and the leaderboard code then the screen shots for every different size iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, I will finally be able to announce the release.


The next game won’t be as hard to finish.


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