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Word Quest Puzzle for iOS

Word Quest has been submitted to the App Store and all being well 10 – 14 Days for approval.

For those of you who take Apps for granted… I was one of you before I started on this wonderful path. So, please don’t take anything personally. The first computer I ever owned which was an early Apple Commodore really didn’t do a thing for me and I outgrew the early model word processor in record time. I bought my first Microsoft PC (DOS 3.1) and from that time I became a Bill Gates fan (this was in early 1990’s).

Time moves on, Computers became bigger and smaller all at the same time – we moved into Laptops and Notebooks making our lives more portable.

And then came the mobile, tablet and smart phones! These have revolutionized the way we look at information. The internet, a computer and phone all in one! In 2011, the experts predicted that by 2016 the majority of internet users would be using their smart phone to connect to the web and I think we can all say that they weren’t wrong.

My first smart phone was an HTC, (very restrictive) and then moved to the Samsung Galaxy which wasn’t bad, but there was something of a hit and miss situation going on with the apps that I downloaded. They looked great, but when a compass can’t tell true north from west or east, something is really wrong!

This brings me closer to present day. When I was in college studying Software Programming, I was re-introduced to the Apple, in particular the Apple Mac. At first I was frustrated by the way it was so similar and yet so different from Microsoft, after a few lessons on the Mac I started to become accustomed to the way it worked and while using X Code to design apps for the iPhone and iPad I started to appreciate the simplicity of the code.

After graduating I got to thinking that there was something about the standards of Apple that were different. I enjoyed making Apps for the iPhone and iPad so I decided that I was going to enroll in the Developer Program with Apple.

My first App seemed to take forever to develop and then the hoops I had to jump through to get it approved on the App Store was unbelievable. One button didn’t work, it wasn’t an important button, and could have been easy enough to work around, but they wouldn’t approve it. “Make the button work and do what you say it does, or delete it!” That was my answer…

So this bought me back to the whole Steve Jobs ethos… why did he succeed where others failed?

Simple, because he demanded quality in all his products. Not a “she’ll be right’ attitude. The difference between downloading an Android compass that doesn’t do what it is supposed to as opposed to a fully functional app or game in Apple iOS.

I ditched my Android back when the iPhone 5 was released and I haven’t looked back. I still have my PC and Laptop, but they will never be upgraded or replaced… from here in it is Apple all the way.

I love my iPhone, iPad and my Mac.

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