In 2008 I started out in web development the need to be more than just a designer was growing inside of me and having mastered HTML, CSS, Perl, SQL and WordPress and being able to find my way around PHP; I decided to upgrade my hands on web skills and in 2012 I enrolled in  Metropolitan South Institute of Technology (MSIT) Mt Gravatt campus in the Diploma of IT, Software Development course. The course was really intense and along the way I picked up some excellent skills as well as my Diploma of course. Mastering ASP.net – C#, Java, Javascript (don’t confuse the two) Objective C, using XCode, Database design and all facets of Software Development and Project Management.

It was during the last few months of Software Development that I really started to appreciate and took a notion to wanting to start making apps and games for iPhone and iPad. Up till then I was a staunch PC and Android User, but I think that the appreciation of the Apple Brand became apparent after  a series of events…

The First Event… was that unlike the rest of the programming languages that I had learned was that Objective C seemed to be easier for me to comprehend and I really enjoyed working with XCode. It had a few issues that needed sorting out. But once I got the hang of the Rules… No more “sigabort”!

I do remember that first day on a Mac – (up until then, I hated Mac’s for all they were worth, every time I came near one I was cursing Steve Jobs!..) and after tearing most of out my hair out and screaming at the screen because I couldn’t figure out why the Control Button wouldn’t do anything and how to get back to the last screen…

Just before graduation I purchased (on the recommendation of my teacher… Alan J.) a Mac Mini. So, now my office looks like a command center for NASA… PC and Mac screens, Keyboards everywhere… and I can be working on no less than three computers at a time. I am starting to favor the Mac.

Second Event;  Steve Jobs death which invoked the 2013 movie “Jobs” I took away from that a new view of Steve Jobs, (Played so well by Ashton Kutcher) I realised that Apple has one thing that not one of the other brands or makes have… “Standards” and that in the society we live in is not as common as it once was. The standards of quality products with quality graphics and user interface and quality user experience this led me to looking long and hard at the Android (Samsung Galaxy) that I was using and the apps that were available via Google Play. Half of the apps I downloaded were of sub standard and inferior design and some just didn’t work! I bought an iPad 2 in 2012 before the other tablets were really making any headway, so I had (after a big learning curve) started to see the standards of apps that I downloaded to the iPad and much to my surprise the quality and standards that I was getting there were so much higher.

After graduation I continued to learn all I could about Objective C and Cocos2D Game design. I must have trolled the internet for weeks in search for good information and after finding a couple of good resources I started applying my knowledge and learned how to put together a few apps and games…

On the iTunes Connect store I got to see what the standards and rules for submitting apps really are. that was the Third event that really opened my eyes and made me realize that I only really want to build apps for Apple!

I still build websites… but my focus is now firmly on Apps!

Note: When I started  in 2012 we were using xCode 4 and the software version iOS 5, I never envisaged that the software or the code would progress as quickly as it did… we are currently on xCode 6 and software version iOS 8 the amount of work that is happening in this area is unbelievable… and the community that I am now a part of are extremely helpful with information and getting better code out there.



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